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Pricing and Types of Commissions

The prices listed are for personal and non-commercial use ONLY!


Head is from the neck up.

Bust is a portrait that crops the character at around the chest area.

Half Body is a portrait that shows the character from head to hip area.

Full-Body is the whole character. 

Sketch Commission a less refined drawing, rougher looking, less detailed, refined sketch without clean/extra line art, 1-2 color background that matches aesthetic (adding a background is extra)

Head- $10

Bust- $15

Half Body- $20

Full Body- $25

Add Simple Background- $5

Digital: a digital portrait illustration, sent to you in PNG format

Head- $50

Bust- $60

Half Body- $75

Full Body- $100

Add Simple Background- $15

Add Semi-Complex Background- $30

Traditional: a traditional, physical piece using paint, markers, or pencils

Head- $60

Bust- $70

Half Body- $85

Full Body- $110

Add Simple Background- $20

Add Semi-Complex Background- $35

Traditional mediums and physical copies will be priced more for use of materials!

Frames for traditional pieces start at $20

***Each character added is an additional 75% of the original price (i.e., the full body piece is $100, but you want another full body character, so it's +$75, totaling to $175)

Prices can increase or decrease depending on complexity, time needed to be completed, and other factors (we will discuss pricing)***

Other types of drawings-

Pets, landscapes, buildings, logos, and more are offered services as well.  Drawings will be priced based off of complexity and start at $40!

How does this work?

  1. Inquiry: Fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.

  2. Agreement: I will E-mail you a confirmation of your commission.

  3. Payment: Once I receive an E-mail in response, I will send you an invoice via Cashapp or Venmo, whichever is easier for you. You will have the option of 50% at the start and the rest afterwards or full payment upfront.

  4. Process Only full illustration commissioners will receive drafts/mockups and you can give your opinions on them.  I can make any changes to the pose, colors, details, etc.  After your approval, I will complete the piece.  The final product will be sent to you once finished. Minor changes can be made (i.e. color), but major changes will cost extra. Work time varies from piece to piece.  Sketches will not have prior approval because it is a sketch.

  5. Finish: You will receive an E-mail saying it is complete and will have the PNG file enclosed in it or the physical piece will be shipped! :D

Commission Process

  • Work time will vary:

    • simple sketch: 3-5 days​

    • complex sketch: about 1 week

    • simple illustration: 1-2 weeks

    • complex illustration: 2-4 weeks

  • Work time varies from piece to piece.  After your commission is confirmed, I will give you a time frame.​

  • I will send a couple drafts/mockups and you must decide which one I continue with.  I'll send a cleaner sketch of the chosen mockup that you must accept before I continue the piece.

  • If the commission is in sketch format, no drafts will be sent because it is already a sketch.

  • Pricing can increase or decrease from original pricing depending on complexity and time frame piece needs to be completed.

  • Once payment is confirmed, I will start the piece.

Terms of Service

  • I am able to decline any commissions I am not comfortable completing. 

  • Commission is for personal use only.  Illustration is not to be used for profit or commercial purposes unless discussed prior to payment with me.

  • As the artist, I have all rights to the work I produce.  Therefore, I have the right to add it to my portfolio and social media if I choose to do so.  If you do not want it shared publicly, please notify me beforehand.


  • Payment is required before I begin.  You will have the option of paying 50% in the beginning and the rest after the commission is complete or full payment prior to starting.

  • Payments can be made through Venmo or Cashapp.

Ready to Commission?

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